Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

30 fun ways to burn 300 calories a day

  1. Show some leg power and walk fast for 52 minutes
  2. Rearrange your bedroom and lug heavy furniture around for just 35 minutes
  3. Go back to the 70s and rollerskate for half an hour
  4. Hog the ski machine at your gym for 22 minutes
  5. Do a 40-minute low-impact aerobics class
  6. Dust off your bike and go for a 26-minute cycle
  7. Book a badminton court for 45 minutes and persuade a friend to have a game with you
  8. Do 26 minutes of circuit training exercise
  9. Spring clean your house for an hour
  10. Have a laugh with your partner and learn to ballroom dance – a one hour and 10 minute lesson is all you’ll need
  11. Take a 35-minute hike in the countryside – and then order a diet drink when you get to the pub
  12. Go for a 30-minute jog
  13. Get rid of your aggression and have a go at kick boxing – 20 minutes is enough
  14. Tidy up your garden for 42 minutes
  15. Spruce up your front room and paint the walls for 45 minutes
  16. Do a 55-minute class of aqua aerobics
  17. Row vigorously on the machine at your gym for 25 minutes
  18. Have a go at horse riding – you’ll need to book a lesson for 1 hour and 30 minutes
  19. Get together with friends and go ice skating for 40 minutes
  20. Cycle vigorously on the exercise bike at your gym for 20 minutes
  21. Have a fast and furious game of squash for just 17 minutes
  22. Scrub your kitchen floor for 40 minutes
  23. Go for a 21-minute swim, doing front crawl at a fast pace
  24. Scrape off that wallpaper you’ve always hated for 45 minutes
  25. Go clubbing with your friends and dance for at least 35 minutes
  26. Hog the running machine at your gym for 21 minutes and run at a pace of 10 minutes per mile
  27. Walk your neighbour’s dog for an hour
  28. Learn to snorkel at your local pool – you’ll need to practice for 45 minutes
  29. Get into martial arts and have a go at tae kwan do – you’ll only need to do it for 21 minutes
  30. Join an aerobic dance class for 30 minutes

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